Lindfield Dramatic Club


Recruiting Drive Orchards Centre Haywards Heath 
Saturday 18th August 2018
On 18th August we will be holding recruiting drive at the Orchards Shopping Centre in Haywards Heath.
Recent Events
2017 Autumn Production and Spring Dickens  and Chips -.
Our Autumn production was Oscar Wilde's  'The Importance of Being Earnest' .   This was performed in the round on the floor of the hall.  Questions were asked before the production about the wisdom of choosing this as the best idea.  These doubts were all answered (in spades!) when the brilliant,  extremely professional and enjoyable result unfolded.  Stand by for more 'in-the-round' productions to come.
In May we celebrated Charles Dickens with a  performance of select readings from some of his works.  This was followed by a 'Fish and Chip' supper and a comic play.  Judging by the audience laughter throughout the whole evening and the smiles on their faces as they left at the end of the night Lindfield Dramatic Club had once again scored a hit.

Moving Forward  -   Autumn 2018

The Autumn productions in October will be 'Inside Job'  by Brian Clemens. This is a dramatic thriller by the creator of the Avengers, The Professionals and others, (too numerous to mention. Please look out for more informationon tickets etc 





 ACTING OUR AGE in October 2016

To see pictures go to PHOTO GALLERY. Pictures may be slow to load, so please be patient. 




BRANCH LINE pictures 


Performance in Lindfield High Street as part of the Lindfield Arts Festival

September 17, 2016 









       Founded by John Gordon Ash in 1936 - 80 years of drama in                             the village of Lindfield in Sussex



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